Romanced by Rolex

The pure love between a money grubbing whore and his sugar daddy.

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Romance by Rolex is a place for dicussion, fanfiction, and all types of artwork exploring the deep and loving, yet under-appreciated relationship between Justin and Ted on Queer as Folk.

The Story:

Everyone was shocked when, in a Peter and Scott interview on the Showtime website, Scott pointed out the raging but hidden secret love affair between Ted and Justin on Queer as Folk.

Scott: "I always like to talk about the relationship between Justin and Ted, and the deep, deep romance that's been going on for five years, now. It's true. If you look between the lines. It's there!"

Peter was skeptical at first, as were we all... but then they got Randy to come over and attest to it.

We also suspect that Scott has some sort of unrequited love for Randy. In order to get Randy to come over by him so Scott could put his arm around him, Scott patted the railing, saying, "Come here, baby" repeatedly. Unfortunately, as in all RPS-type situations, Randy denied their relationship almost immediately.

Randy: "You know, I know you wanted to think it's between Randy and Scott, but it's between Ted and Justin."

Scott: "It's true. I'm keeping it professional."

From the raised eyebrows and tilted head Randy gave him, Randy didn't agree. But from the sideways glances he gave Scott through the rest of the interview, clearly he likes to flirt with him anyway. Randy, you little slut!

So, what happened between Justin and Ted? Well, according to Randy and Scott, when Ted got his Rolex watch, Justin, the little gold digging money grubbing whore that he is, was drawn to him.

But, maybe it's not just about Justin's need for a new sugar daddy. Ted and Justin also have a lot in common... a love of the arts, violin players, and Justin loves opera.

Scott: "Ted understands Justin's soul a lot more than Brian does."

This is enough to convince us, and even Peter agreed that the theory is "brilliant".

So now, and Peter and Scott have said, the "blogs will be a-buzz" and "the fanficion will flow freely". To us, it was a call to arms, and this is why we are here. The QaF community needed a place to join together to explore this love between Justin and Ted. So share your thoughts and creations here, and bit by bit we will reveal the secrets of their true love hidden within Queer as Folk.

Ted/Justin is money grubbing whore/sugar daddy love

Caps by kitkatbyte and Showtime, art by shape5